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 Tokyo which is transformed every dayThe popular tourist resort which doesn't change from the old days "is Tokyo Tower".The person and the foreigner who came from the countryside in Japan should come once.There are mega-exhibition Nozomi stand with 250-meter height and a big observatory with 150-meter height in the observatory.As for the observatory with 150-meter height, it feels height and not having been held because the building around is a 150-meter classIf going at night, we carry forward to go to mega-exhibition Nozomi stand by all means.The illuminations which have a mood flush night of the big city, the 250-meter height.

Location  Tokyo Minato Ward Shiba Park 4‐2‐ 8
Institution  -
Traffic  5 minutes of be walking from the municipal oedo-line Akabane bridge station
Parking  Being
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