Edo total local deity Kanda-myojin (Kanda-jinja)

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 As for Kanda-myojin which is Edo total local deity, an official name is called Kanda-jinja.It is fond by the name of "Myoujinsama".It is flagrant as the stage of Samurai movie "Zenigata Heiji", too.When the warlike ages, Tokugawa Ieyasu faced a battle, it did the kaddish of the victory and it landed a victory excellently.The defence card (OMAMORI) which makes miraculous virtue miraculous and is called "Kachimamori" in the dealings, the fight, the entrance examination and so on, making this thing a reason is popular.

Location  Tokyo Chiyoda Ward Sotokanda 2-16-2
Institution  -
Traffic  7 minutes of be walking from 5 minutes of walking, JR Akihabara station from JR Ochanomizu station
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Reference  Kanda-myojin