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 Asakusa can see Edo emotion of Japan in the primitive ages.Kaminarimon, the Nakamise-street, Senso-ji-Asakusa flower and Rokku Broadway of coming, being-Kaminarimon in the route of the recommendationAsakusa's specialty confectionery is [Agemanjyu" and "Kaminariokoshi".There is a general public theater in Rokku Broadway and the general public entertainment can be enjoyed.
By having left a water-bus, too, from Asakusa, the sunrise pier, Daiba, TokyoBigsite, Pallettown can be gone from within about 1 hour.
It is built in the opposite side which "the Asakusa culture sightseeing center" put an intersection in front of Kaminarimon in.In "the Asakusa culture sightseeing center", it is distributing the handbill which was written by Chinese and so on.Let's leave after collecting information here before seeing the sight of.

Location  Tokyo Taito Ward Asakusa
Institution  -
Traffic  Tokyo municipal subway Asakusa line "Ginza station"
Parking  -
Reference  The Asakusa sightseeing league