The back Mashu observatory

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 It is the observatory which is opposite to 1st of the mashu lake and 3rd observatory.The quiet surface of the lake can be seen.Because the transportation facilities profit isn't good, there are few persons to visit.The altitude is lower than 1st of the mashu lake and 3rd observatory.The incidence of fog is low and the surface of the lake is easy to see comparatively.

Location  Hokkaidou Kiyosato-cho Kiyoizumi
Institution  The store, the restroom
Traffic  If going from the kawayu spa, it turns right at about 10 kilometers, the sign to the Abashiri area, and it crosses a decision in JR Semmouhon line and it joins a Hokkaidou road 1115 number line, it lies by about 14 kilometers to the Kiyosato mountain pass area, and it turns right at the national road 391 number line according to the sign and it is about 4 kilometers.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Kiyosato-cho guildhall