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 As for this place, the bathroom is as if becoming full if 4-5 enter but hot water is wonderful.It lends, or there is boiling sulfur smell and faintly yellowly muddy hot water is effective for the skin disease, the diabetes.The fee is 200 yen and is the spa of the recommendation.Of the accommodations which the city manages however, it is and it is possible to stay, being bargain.

Location  The Hokkaidou Shari-cho Minehama 110 address "UNABETU" spa
Institution  The accommodations, the restaurant, the spa, the restroom
Traffic  If going from Shiyari, it is about 11 kilometers in the national road 334 number line. Itturns right at the signboard and it is about 500 meters.
Parking  The full-size car of being (free of charge) is possible
Reference  The "UNABETU" spa