The lodge higashitaisetsuso (The tomuraushi spa)

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 The hot spring hotel which is in the entrance of the Tomura cow mountaineeringIt is in the place to have been advanced at the way in about 12 kilometers, the forest of not being paved.It is in the heart of a mountain but it is a building like the resort hotel.There are an indoor bathroom and an outdoor hot spring bath in the spa.The feelings are good to enter a spa while there is an outdoor hot spring bath near the valley stream and it listens to the sound on the brook on the river.

Location  Hokkaidou Shintoku-cho
Institution  -
Traffic  When running by about 18 kilometers in the Hokkaidou road 718 number line, passing higashi-taisetsu lake if going from the Obihiro area, it becomes in the narrow non-pavement and it advances by about 12 kilometers.If going from the tomuraushi spa, it is about 2 kilometers in Shikaoi-cho area.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The lodge higashitaisetsuso (The tomuraushi spa)