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 The observatory where the 360-degree horizon is looked at as well as the Kaiyou stand of Nakashibetu-choIt is flagrant as the holy of the motorcycle riders.The Mashu mountain, Meakandake, Oakandake can be viewed.At the roadside restaurant of the log house wind, a barbecue and curry and rice, ham sausage and so on are eaten.The bread which is sold here is famous when it is delicious.

Location  Hokkaidou Shibecha-cho
Institution  The store, the restroom
Traffic  If going from the Kushiro area, it is about 54 kilometers to Teshikaga area in the national road 391 number line.It turns right to the Hokkaidou road 1040 number line, and it turns right at about 7 kilometers, the sign and it is about 1.5 kilometers.
Parking  It is possible to be (free of charge), being large-sized
Reference  The tawadaira