The Shiretoko 5 lake

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 Five lakes which were surrounded by the wildwoodThere is an esplanade to put on five lakes by one round.The appearance to copy the mountains on the woods in the neighborhood and at Shiretoko in it into the surface of the lake by is suitable for the paradise in primitively.It comes across a lot of plants and animals.About 30 minutes if being only the 1st lake, the 2nd lake in about 1 hour concerning all of the 5 lakesThere is an observatory which is in the hilltop with slight elevation in addition to the way of strolling and it is possible to survey a great panorama on the 1st lake and Shiretoko mountain ranges.Because the bear infests, it becomes Keep Off sometimes.

Location  Hokkaidou Shari-cho
Institution  The store, the observatory, the esplanade, the restroom
Traffic  -
Parking  Being (The charged)
Reference  Shiretoko guildhall