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 It by the season and the time change the color of the surface of the water and it can be seen with it and.It is clear water but by the influence of the sulfur ingredient which begins to spring from the bottom of lake, the fish isn't inhabiting.It takes Meakandake and Akanfuji to the front and it is the entrance of the mountaineering.There is "Nonaka spa" nearby and being popular with the secluded hot spring spot

Location  Hokkaidou Ashoro-cho Moashoro
Institution  The observatory, the Onneto restaurant (The dining room and the coffee shop)
Traffic  If going from Akan-ko Lake, the national road 241 number line turns left in the Hokkaidou road 949 number line at about 10 kilometers and it is about 6 kilometers.
Parking  There are four 3・, a parking space in Onneto Kohan. It is in the wide parking lotin the destination that the lake passed.
Reference  Ashoro office of tourism