The naitai plateau spa "kamenokosou"

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 The hot spring hotel which is in the foot at the Naitai highlandIt is possible to do the use only of being bathed, too.In the big turtle, it is bred and the mascot of the turtle which was gathered from the whole country is displayed to the water tank in the lobby.It is possible to taste the meal and the soft-shelled turtle liquor of the soft-shelled turtle.There are an indoor bathroom and an outdoor hot spring bath in the spa and at night, the outdoor hot spring bath which is bathed while seeing a star in the whole sky is comfortable.

Location  Hokkaidou Kamishihoro-cho
Institution  -
Traffic  It turns right according to the signboard and moreover it runs according to the signboard at Kamishihoro downtown in the Hokkaidou road 806 number line which heads for the naitai plateau ranch roadside restaurant even if it passes a big curve and it crosses a bridge even if it comes out.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The naitai plateau spa "kamenokosou"