The mashu lake

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 The flagrant tourist resort in HokkaidouIn the winter, air may be clear and can be seen, brightening.The 1st observatory, the 3rd observatory can enter but the 2nd observatory becomes off limits."The mashu lake star account of a trip" tour is done from the kawayu spa.In this tour, the star can be beautifully seen from the mashu lake where there is not a streetlight around.

Location  Hokkaidou Teshikaga-cho
Institution  It is in the store, the restroom at the 1st observatory. Only thereis view space in the 3rd observatory.
Traffic  If going from Teshikaga-cho Mashu, according to the sign, it is about 8 kilometers in the Hokkaidou road 52 number line.
Parking  The that the 1st observatory is charged for Mt. io-zan parkinglot and the common parking ticket The 3rd observatory is freeof charge.
Reference  The mashu lake