The hotel "chinohate" at the iwaobetsu spa

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 The hot spring hotel which is near the Shiretoko 5 lakeThere are a bath and an outdoor hot spring bath.The outdoor hot spring bath is the atmosphere to be near the forest and for the deer and the bear to seem to appear soon, too.It boils in the neighborhood, the valley stream going-along of the hotel and there is a free outdoor hot spring bath but there is not an undressing place.It so-called is broadcast with the TV program, it becomes flagrant completely, now, it is possible to call a secluded hot spring spot and it had passed away.The hotel becomes a sales pause in the winter season (around the middle in November-the last ten days in April) when the road becomes Street closed.

Location  The spa according to Hokkaidou Shari-cho Iwao
Institution  -
Traffic  Turning being left, it runs for a while and its crossing a bridge downhill to the Hokkaidou road 93 number line in the Shiretoko nature center even if it gets off even if it passesThen, the signboard on the spa according to Iwao comes out, turns right there and is about 3.5 kilometers.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The hotel "chinohate" at the iwaobetsu spa