The Mt. io-zan

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 Formerly, the sulfur which is mine resources is a mined mountain.Now, it is the appearance which was silently but the sightseeing bus comes continuously.At the store, a spa egg and ice cream are sold.Because the neighborhood of the Mt. io-zan is the area which the bear infests, note is necessary for the going alone and the careless action.Sengen at the kawayu spa which is nearby is Mt. io-zan and has begun to breed at the kawayu spa along the basement.

Location  The Hokkaidou Teshikaga-cho Kawayu Mt. io-zan
Institution  -
Traffic  There is a sign as much as about 12 kilometers when running in the national road 391 number line if going from Mashu, and there turns left by it and it is about 1 kilometer.
Parking  The parking ticket and the commonness at the observatory of 1st of the mashu lake of being (charged)
Reference  Teshikaga-cho public office