Hosooka observatory (Kushiro-shitsugen)

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 The observatory which views Kushiro-shitsugenThe recommendation is dusk.The everglade which dyes, being red is romantic.The most resort occurs in the dusk.The observatory is in the opposite side (the side of the everglade) in the place to have gone up the transversal way at "the Hosooka visitor lounge" of promenading and at the road at the end of it.It is in the opposite side (the side of the everglade) at the road that the view is good.

Location  Hokkaidou Kushiro City
Institution  The Hosooka visitor lounge
Traffic  It runs in turning left, the Takkobu going-along boiling in the national road 391 number line than Kushiro City because there is a sign in about 12 kilometers, Takkobu to Teshikaga area.
Parking  It is in the free parking lot in front of the Hosooka visitor lounge.
Reference  The Kushiro-cho public office