The tree of Ulmus davidiana

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 It is the tree which stretched a branch roughly on either side.Actually, two trees unite and are the uncommon one to have made a beautiful form.The estimated age of the tree is 130.It had been used by the television advertising, too, and it is a flagrant tree.

Location  Hokkaidou Toyokoro-cho
Institution  It is an observatory, a restroom at the parking lot.
Traffic  If going from the Obihiro area, it runs in the national road 38 number line and it advances towards the Hokkaidou road 320 number line at the intersection before crossing Toyokoro big bridge.It turns left immediately, it crosses Tokachi-gawa at the Moiwa bridge and it turns right at the byroad at once and there is a parking lot in the place to have run by about 2 kilometers.If going from the parking lot, it descends a bank to the tree of Ulmus davidiana and it is about 3 minutes of walking.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Toyokoro-cho public office