It is a No. 892 line all the way.

Home The East Hokkaido Shari-cho It is a No. 892 line all the way.

 About 3.5 kilometers of the Hokkaidou road 892 number line to branch from the road to the Shiretoko 5 lake and to advance towards "hotel Chino-hate"The trees are beautiful in the verdure, the season of the colored leaves.It sometimes comes across the Japanese deer.It is better not to get off the car around because the brown bear, too, infests.

Location  The spa according to Hokkaidou Shari-cho Iwao
Institution  -
Traffic  The Shiretoko nature center turns a Hokkaidou road 93 number line being left even if it passes.
Parking  There are a place boiling parking space, meeting and parting space.
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