The bihoro moutain pass

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 It is an observatory with the about 522-meter altitude which can view Kussharo-ko Lake.If brightening, the Mt. io-zan, Sharidake, the Mashu mountain, Meakandake, Oakandake, the Sea of Okhotsk can be viewed.There is a roadside restaurant and the deep-fried food potato which eats here is delicious.Respectively, there is a monument at "the bihoro moutain pass" of the singer and Hibari Misora.Saying that it is Hibari Misora's Magari which didn't sell most

Location  Hokkaidou Teshikaga-cho
Institution  The view space, the restroom
Traffic  If going from Mashu, it is about 31 kilometers to the Abashiri area in the national road 243 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  It is panoramic Bihoro-cho roadside station around.