The Bekkai new dairy farming village observatory

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 Betsukai-cho is the city where there are more numbers of the cows than a person.The observatory which is in Betsukai-choIt is possible to view as far as it surveys a pasture by 360 degrees.Because it is not trunk line going-along, the time that there are few, too, persons and that they feel easy passes.

Location  Hokkaidou Betsukai-cho
Institution  -
Traffic  In the national road 243 number line, if going from Attoko, it is about 16 kilometers to Nakashibetu area.The place where there is a sign turns left and it runs by about 4 kilometers at the road between fields, and the place at the intersection turns left and it is about 1 kilometer more.There is an observatory to have made with steel frame.
Parking  Being for 2, about three (Free of charge)
Reference  The Betsukai-cho public office