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 The oyster is a specialty in Akkeshi.It is a roadside restaurant at the building which modeled the form of the oyster.As for the 1st floor, in the gift shop, the 2nd floor becomes a restaurant, the store of the oyster.It is possible to bring in just as it is the oyster to have bought at the store to restaurant "the shop of the robata-yaki".Then, it is possible to eat by burning by it, too.The souvenir shop is selling the artifact of the oyster.The popularity is the canned food of the oyster meal most.Besides, it is selling the smoking of the oyster, the soy sauce of the oyster and so on.

Location  The Emachi 3 address 164 of the Hokkaidou Akkeshi-cho dwelling
Institution  -
Traffic  National road 44 number line Akkeshi-cho
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Roadside station Akkeshi gourmet park