Akan-ko Lake

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 The lake which the spherical moss inhabitsThere is an Akan-ko Lake spa in Kohan and it bustles by the hotel and the gift shop.In the winter, it is possible to enjoy in the snowmobile.There is a parking lot in the right in 5 minutes, at the country organization Akan-kohan ski area near the course at the car and it goes out to the Akan-kohan observatory in about 5 minutes of walking from the Akan-ko Lake hot spring town.Akan-ko Lake and Oakandake can be well seen from here.

Location  The Hokkaidou Akan-cho Akan-ko Lake spa
Institution  -
Traffic  It is about 45 kilometers from national road 241 number line ( Mashu. It isabout 121 kilometers from Obihiro. )
Parking  As for the kotan of Ainu of being (charged), only the Ainu kotan user is free of charge.
Reference  Akan office of tourism