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 The river which was made a topic on Fuji Telecasting Co. program "Izumi of the trivia"The origin of the name is "yanna・kei""iyaru・kenai" in the word of the native in Hokkaidou."River which the fish doesn't live in" Saying that it is a meaning on "the river of the fragment"It is called "the river floods often and being hopeless", yarikirenai river from Meiji era and it leads in the present.It is the river which is not in the thing about being attenuate, and so on, but there seems to be a person who does river rafting with the canoe.

Location  Hokkaidou Yuni-cho
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Traffic  Near JR Yuni stationThe Hokkaidou road 694 number line going-alongThe signboard which shows yarikirenai river includes only two.It is careful because it has overlooked when increasing a speed.
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