Shumarinai-ko Lake

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 Shumarinai-ko Lake is the biggest artificial lake in Japan. The inlet of the form as it rips into the mountain skin iscomplicated. It is the scenery which the stump on the lakefront, the withered trees made desolateness.

Location  Hokkaidou Horokanai-cho
Institution  The restroom, the store, the esplanade, the sightseeing boat
Traffic  In the national road 275 number line, it goes north and the Hokkaidou road 528 number line according to the sign turns leftfrom Horokanai downtown. Because there is a sign which goes to Kohan when running for a while, it turns right there.
Parking  It boils of "RIBA" at the sightseeing boat in Kohan soon and it is in the free parking lot.Also, there is a parking space in the place to have headed for the Bifuka area, too, in the national road 275
Reference  Horokanai-cho public office