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 It is the 1st tenderloin in Hokkaidou.
A foodstuff in Hokkaidou is collected. Because to be caught by the wicked spieler when walking innight, the confusion, let's be careful.
Even if it supposes that it was possible to call out it, it is by all means stuck and don't go.
"The Susukino festival" is done by the first ten days in August. The event of the street stall, thecontesting for the drum and so on is hosted and it is possible to enjoy short summer in Hokkaidou.
During "the Sapporo snow festival" session in February, "the festival of Susukino ice" is done and shows din and bustle.

Location  Hokkaidou Sapporo-shi
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from JR Sapporo station, it is 20 minutes of walking. The subway use (3minutes among the Sapporo → susukino) is convenient.
Parking  It uses a parking area with charge around.
Reference  The susukino TOWN information