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 It is the accommodations and the roadside restaurant which is juxtaposing a natural hot spring which is in Hokuryu-cho.
At the restaurant in the inside of the building, a meal from "the hometown of the sunflower" such as linoleic acid much sunflower Chinese noodle, and the tempura of the sunflower vegetable, the fried bean curd stuffed with sushi rice of the sunflower vegetable is completed.
There are many artifacts of the sunflower such as the species and the cookie of the comestible sunflower in the gift shop, too.
There is hot water of the sunflower which used the leaf, the flower and the stem of the sunflower, too, in the hot spring bathing alvei.
There is free rental cycle of the yellow body and it can go to "the hometown of the sunflower" 1 kilometer ahead.

Location  2 of the Hokkaidou Uryu District Hokuryu-cho character Itaya 163 address
Institution  The accommodations, the spa
Traffic  The national road 275 number going-along
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Roadside station sunflower Hokuryu