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 The roadside restaurant which is in YoichiIt derives from that the name, "space Apple", is the home town of Japan's first astronaut "Mamoru Mouri" with Yoichi's being the production center of the apple.At juxtaposing space museum "space Domu", the adult and the child can enjoy as Mamoru Mouri's achievements introduction and the suspected zero gravity experience, and so on.At the store, the fruit artifact at the space food and in the NASA space goods, Yoichi can be bought.Also, "the nikka whiskey Yoichi factory" can be gone from in 5 minutes of walking.

Location  Hokkaidou Yoichi-cho Kurogawa Cho 6-chome 4 address 1
Institution  Space museum "space Domu", the store, the restroom
Traffic  The national road 229 number line Yoichi downtown If going fromJR Yoichi station, it is 10 minutes of walking.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Roadside station space Apple Yoichi