Shikotsu-ko Lake

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 In Japan with 40 kilometers around, the maximum depth of 360 meters, the average water depth of 256 meters, it is a deeplake to the 2nd. There is a Shikotsu-ko Lake hot spring town in Kohan.

Location  Hokkaidou Chitose City
Institution  The Shikotsu-ko Lake spa, the camping ground
Traffic  If going from Tomakomai City, it is about 23 kilometers in the national road 276 number line-the national road 453 number line.If going from Chitose City, it is about 20 kilometers in the Hokkaidou road 16 number line.
Parking  It uses a Shikotsu-ko Lake hot spring town parking lot (Charged for).
Reference  The Shikotsu-ko Lake Japanese-style inn with a hot spring association