The Sapporo snow festival

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 The event in the maximum winter in Hokkaidou is "the Sapporo snow festival".
The venue is three of "the Odori venue" "the satoland venue" "the Susukinovenue". The convenience of the traffic is the best "The Odori venue" "The Susukinovenue".
Night when the illuminations are beautiful is a recommendation. At noon, it visits "the satoland venue" and at night,it will should visit "the Odori venue" "the Susukino venue".

Location  Hokkaidou Sapporo-shi
Institution  -
Traffic  "Odori venue" Once of the subway use "Odori" "susukino" getting-off to "the susukino venue"
Parking  It uses a parking area with charge around.
Reference  The Sapporo snow festival