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 The event from the Christmas in German Munich city which "Munich Christmas city in Sapporo" to be done in the first ten days in December, at the Sapporo-shi Odori park from the middle in November links Sapporo-shi and a friendship town tie-up with
It is the one Sapporo however, that realized the Christmas event which is done in Germany.The dancing stage to sell the ornament, the toy, the snack of the tree and so on to lines up and it is selling warm wine with the spice which nurses form.This event is a traditional event in Germany.In Munich in Germany where there are many Catholics, it is existence like "the city the year".
The wine, the sausage, roasting Almond that the recommendation is warm

As the simultaneous hosting event, "the Sapporo white illuminations" is done.

Location  Sapporoshi
Institution  -
Traffic  JR Sapporo station, the subway Odori Station
Parking  It uses a parking area with charge around.
Reference  Welcome Sapporo