Sapporo Genghis Khan head office

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 It is at "Sapporo Genghis Khan head office" which is in Susukino that it is flagrant at Genghis Khan in Sapporo-shi.There is a counter seat which only about 14 can sit on in the inside of store which is in the 2nd floor of the fishing tackles shops.The lamb is using the one of less than 1 year behind the rawness which is made in Iceland.The care at the shop is to burn using the charcoal with the clay portable cooking stove.There is not a peculiar smell of the mutton and of the person who is weak at the mutton however, it is popular when easy to eat.

Location  The Hokkaidou Hokkaidou Sapporoshi South 5 west 6
Institution  The Jingi Shikan speciality store
Traffic  5 minutes of be walking if going from the Sapporo-shi fast charge Susukino trolley stop
Parking  It is not.
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