The "MOERE" marsh park

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 The "MOERE" marsh park is the park which Isamu Noguchi who is an artist designed.
A vast park is dotted with the mountain, the art object, the playground equipment facilities, the fountain with artistic population and so on.
It began development from 1982 and it completed it in 2005.
If seeing completely, in the required time, it is 4 hours. Specifically, the fountainshow which is done at "the fountain on the sea" is must-see.
Because it is only to be implemented in the time of 1 piece of the number of days, let's check start time beforehand.

Location  Hokkaidou Sapporoshi "MOERE" marsh park 1-1
Institution  The park, the restaurant, the shop, the event space, the Isamu Noguchi gallery
Traffic  It goes via the national road 12 number, the national road 275 number, the Hokkaidou road 88 number line and it is 30 minutes to the Nakanuma area in sankakuten-street.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The "MOERE" marsh park