The horokanai soba restaurant "YAEMON"

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 Horokanai-cho is the buckwheat noodle place to be proud of the buckwheat noodle planted acreage which is the best of Japan.It is the shop of the meal of the buckwheat noodles in Horokanai. At noon, when becoming at the time, a lot of localpersons come.

Location  Hokkaidou Horokanai-cho
Institution  The dining facility
Traffic  In the national road 275 number line, even if it enters Horokanaishigaichi, it turns right at the place where there is a sign to Horokanai-cho public office and if going from the Asahikawa area, it is in the front left side at Horokanai-cho public office.
Reference  Horokanai-cho public office