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 The man monker in the Japanese oldestIt is living a self-sufficient life while there are a farm, a pasture, a factory and so on, being in-hospital and the monk keeps severe mitzvah.The butter, the cookie are flagrant, but at the store in front of the monker, jam is sold and is the smacker which can be bought only at this place.The limit can be visited inside the monker with once, the man from the weekday, 2 p.m. except Sunday.But, the preliminary reservation by the reply postal card is necessary.

Location  Hokkaidou Kamiiso-cho character Mitsuishi 392
Institution  It is a store, a restroom at the parking lot in front of the monker.
Traffic  If going from the Hakodate City town, it is about 24 kilometers to Matsumae area in the national road 228 number line.It follows a sign even if it passes and it is a right turn, about 1.5 kilometers in JR Oshimatoubetsu station.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Hakodate international sightseeing convention society