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 It is the Japan's first nunnery which was established in 1898.However, at present, the nuns keep mitzvah and to be in-hospital sends a pious date.That the general visitors enter a vestibule can see an outward appearance of the monker of being made and the image of the Holy Mother in Lourdes.At the store, it is selling the Trappist Convent butter candy, the Trappist Convent cookie, the rosary of the hand appearance and so on.At the morgue of the juxtaposition, the history at the monker and the living of the nun can be seen with the photograph.

Location  Hokkaidou Hakodate City Kamiyunokawa Cho 346
Institution  The monker, the store
Traffic  The getting-off of the entrance of the Trappist Convent of system Hakodate Bus and 10, 10-5, 112, 59, 7 minutes of walking
Parking  It uses a municipal management parking area with charge. Theparking lot on "the forest of the citizen" in frontis free of charge.
Reference  The Hakodate international sightseeing convention society