The "ABE-SYOTEN" cuttlefish lunch store

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 The shop of the squid meal which is very popular in the Hokkaidou produce exhibits which are hosted in various parts of JapanThe fruit store is in front of JR Mori station.The squid meal can be bought at the kiosk of the rail yard and Abe store in front of the station.Each other manufacturer Inc. is selling a squid meal but this squid meal is the most delicious.

Location  Hokkaidou Mori-machi
Institution  The store
Traffic  In front of JR Mori stationIf going from the Hakodate area, it is about 41 kilometers to the Sapporo area in the national road 5 number line.The Uwadai intersection in Mori-machi turns left in the Hokkaidou road 606 number line and it is about 1 kilometer.
Parking  It uses a parking lot in Mori station.
Reference  The "ABE-SYOTEN" cuttlefish lunch store