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 The Hakodate morning market of 2 minutes of walking is a market toward the excursionist from JR Hakodate station.It is selling souvenir such as the marine products such as the crab and the squid which are made in Hakodate, and the farm products and the artifact in Hokkaidou.At the dining room of "the bowl alley" and the morning market, it is possible to taste the sea urchin bowl, the squid thin wheat noodles of the specialty and so on.If being Japan-domestic, it is possible to be home-delivered, too.When buying, get a business card at the store to prevent trouble and let's learn the name of the store and the person in charge.

Location  Hokkaidou Hakodate City Wakamatsu-cho 9-15
Institution  The morning market, the dining room
Traffic  2 minutes of be walking if going from JR Hakodate station
Reference  The Hakodate morning market