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 Before, there was a track at the railroad respectively.The passenger took the ship which goes from this place to Sakhalin in Russia.Before, the height of the groyne was low and the slack day, the high wave rided.Together, the accident that the visitor has fallen to the sea occurred with the high wave.To prevent an accident, the groyne of the dome type was newly made.It was restored in 1980 by the present one.It is subscribed as the Hokkaidou inheritance.

Location  Hokkaidou Wakkanai City
Institution  -
Traffic  5 minutes of be walking with the east side if going from Hokkaidou Wakkanai station
Parking  It is in the wide parking lot in the diagonal lefthand at the dome. But, it is careful because there is a part whichbig backwater forms in the rainy day and in the rainy after the rain, un-paved.
Reference  The Wakkanai office of tourism