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 The facilities of spa's being bathed which Toyotomi-cho managesThere is a bathtub for the generality and thick Yuji of the spa ingredient.This spa is the spa which gushed in natural gas mining.The petroleum ingredient mixes with the spa.When opening a door to the bathroom, the head feels dizzy to the strong oil smell.Iridescently in yellowly muddy hot water shining oil is floating.However, on this spa, there is effect in the tetter of the atopy and the athlete's foot and so on.Let's be careful because it feels dizzy because of the oil smell when long bathed.

Location  Hokkaidou Toyotomi-cho
Institution  The facilities of spa's being bathed, the store, the dining room
Traffic  If going from the Toyotomishigai place, it is about 6 kilometers to Hamatonbetsu area in the Hokkaidou road 84 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
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