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 The hill blade place which is located on the side of the inland at the souya capeSoya beef is grazed.As for the meat, the flagrant restaurant is highly regarded.Midori's heave is a forever continuing grand panorama.With heading for the inland, a hill blade place is transformed into the forested grounds and the tree of the Chirstmas tree is transformed into the standing close together scenery.

Location  Hokkaidou Wakkanai City Oomisaki
Institution  -
Traffic  The national road 238 number lineIf going from Wakkanai, there is a sign to the Hokkaidou road 889 number line around about 27 kilometers.Also, if going from the side of the souya cape, it is possible to go by going through the roadside restaurant "armeria".
Parking  It is in the parking space in five minutes near the souya cape. Because there is much passage of theconstruction vehicle with fast pace, it wants to avoid parking on the street.
Reference  The Wakkanai office of tourism