The shirikoma moutain pass

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 In the west side at the mountain pass, Sarobetsu Genya and the rishiri island can be viewed.As for the east side at the mountain pass, the Sea of Okhotsk can be viewed.The time (the first ten days in October-the middle in October) of the colored leaves, a very beautiful dense woodland is seen.

Location  Hokkaidou Nakatonbetsu-cho, Horonobe-cho
Institution  Only the parking space in the mountain pass top
Traffic  In the national road 275 number line, if going from Hamatonbetsu, it turns right at the Hokkaidou road 785 number line in the place to have gone south and to have passed Nakatonbetsu-cho and Kamikoma and it is about 8 kilometers.
Parking  It is about 10 at the mountain pass top (Free of charge).
Reference  Nakatonbetsu-cho public office