Kutcharo-ko Lake

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 Kutcharo-ko Lake is in the Sea of Okhotsk coast in Hokkaidou Hamatonbetsu-cho.It is the brackish-lake which consists of Onuma's and Konuma's two lakes.It is surrounded by the hill as much as the 10-40-meter altitude in the north side and the west side.As for the east side, the dune spreads and in the south side, the everglade spreads.It freezes completely from the last ten days in December to the first ten days in March.The sucker who exceeds 2 pieces of Mamba comes in the spring and the autumn.10,006 pieces of Semba-20,002 pieces of Semba whistling swans, too, are adopted and become the largest transfer-station place in Japan.The extinction says that it sometimes visits the steller's sea-eagle and the erne to be uneasy about, too.

Location  Hokkaidou Hamatonbetsu-cho
Institution  The view space, the restroom
Traffic  Doing the turning left, about 1.5 kilometers of following the opposite sign north in the Hamatonbetsu-cho downtown by the national road 238 number line
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Hamatonbetsu-cho public office