The rebun island/Jizo rock

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 In the south side at the rebun island, it is in Motochi and it is strangely shaped rock with 50-meter height.Love and learning are said to have a profit.The money to have hung a lot of prayers on puts in the crack of rock.Fishing port however, there is Motochi and the gull flits about.There is a store in the entrance of Jizo rock, and the sea urchin bowl which eats here is inexpensive and it is good at it.Fresh Strongylocentrotus is more inexpensively eaten in June-in July than the dining room in the Kafuka area where there is a harbor.

Location  Hokkaidou Rebun-cho
Institution  The store, the restroom
Traffic  If going from the rebun island Kafuka harbor, it is about 15 minutes with the car. It visits with the regular sightseeingbus and it is a recommendation. The fixed period operation bath gets on in the Motochi's going boiling and gets off in theterminal.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Rebun-cho public office