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 It is situated on the south side at the sarobetsu primordial flower garden in Toyotomi-cho.There is a long way of promenading to Naganuma, the "PANKE" marsh, the "PENKE" marsh.In the early summer, a lot of flowers can be looked at.In the other season, it is possible to take a walk while looking at Harano to have made desolateness.

Location  Hokkaidou Horonobe-cho
Institution  The 1st floor is explanation facilities and a restroom. The 2ndfloor is an indoor observation post. It is the observatory ofthe steel tower nearby.
Traffic  It arrives when more advanced at the road to the Sea of Japan side than on the national road 40 number line marsh of going south.
Parking  40 (Free of charge)
Reference  Horonobe Visitor Center