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 The place where the colored leaves comes to the end of most in JapanThe glory of the style where the birch, the mountain ash which covers a slope dye yellowly, being red(The time of the colored leaves is the first ten days in September-the middle in September).
To see colored leaves, it goes to the 1st flower field.It is the trail up a mountain of 30 minutes of one way walking.In the about 20 first minutes, it is the gravel road where the car can pass but the journey of 10 minutes of the remainder becomes 1 thoroughfare of the steep slope.It had better resign from the visit with the high-heels.
When walking for 1.5 hours from the 1st flower field, Akadake with 2078-meter altitude can be climbed. Whenmountaineering, go by the utter system.

Location  Hokkaidou Kamikawa-cho
Institution  The Ginsendai observatory alpine hut, the store, the dining room, the entry procedure place, the restroom
Traffic  If going from Asahikawa City, it is about 75 kilometers in the national road 39 number line.In the colored leaves season, only the car of the guest at the taxi, the chartered bus, the microbus, the special shuttle bus, in the Ginsendai observatory alpine hut can be passed.The special shuttle bus has left heavy snow Lake site or Soun-kyo.If heavy snow Lake site leads from Soun-kyo, the Ginsendai observatory entrance passes and it is in the several-kilo place.Incidentally, the road to the Ginsendai observatory be the road which isn't paved, being narrow and be careful of meeting and parting.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Kamikawa-cho public office