The waterfall in the galaxy and the meteor

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 It is in the place to have headed for the Obihiro area in Soun-kyo.It is possible to see as well as the waterfall at the waterfall in the galaxy, in the meteor in it.Thanks to the negative ion which is released from the waterfall spray and the valley stream, it becomes bracing feelings.It walks from here and there is "So-baku-dai" view point in the place in about 20 minutes.The "So-baku-dai" view point can overlook two waterfalls at the same time.

Location  Hokkaidou Kamikawa-cho
Institution  The restroom
Traffic  If going from Asahikawa City, it is about 68 kilometers in the national road 39 number line.It turns right at the sign.Because the end at once which left a long galaxy tunnel turns left when heading if going from the Obihiro area, there be a speed-down and run.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Kamikawa-cho public office