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 The zoo in the most popular Japanese north is Asahiyama-zoo in the zoo thing which shows an animal naturally and actively.The person to visit, too, was rarely to do the zoo being of closed fate before.At present, the people come from Japan-domestic each place and the all the countries thanks to the idea and the device.The number of the people in the zoo in Japan is the best of Japan.

【Time of the visit of the recommendation】
Because it is norland, as for penguin's and polar bear's being able to work, being fine, the winter when snow piles up is a recommendation.
As for the snow period (the middle in December-the middle in March) of the winter, the stroll in the park of the penguin is implemented twice on the 1st.(It is implemented once by March is the time when the feather of the penguin is shed and regrown the 1st of..)
In the winter, it doesn't let out the animals which are sensitive to the cold of the lion and so on tooutdoors. In the winter, the lion and so on can not see.

【Visit time of the recommendation】
It enters in the open time on the weekday and it is a recommendation.
Much resort occurs from the morning on the weekday. The peopleincrease more from the afternoon.
The day, JR and the person to visit using the bus and the visitor from Asahikawa AP increase from Sapporo.
Because it is, it should visit when open on the weekday.
The open time is different in the summer and the winter. In the winter, the open time isfrom ten thirty to fifteen thirty.

【Entrance of the recommendation】
When visiting simultaneously with the open time in the morning, are not a front gate and let's join from Nishikado.
The shuttle bus is the climbing to arrive at the front gate but for about 100 meters to be gentle from there to Nishikado.
In the winter, it is easy to slip with snow.It is necessary to be careful to walk.However, Nishikado is in the position which is the nearest the rookery exhibition hall, the penguin exhibition hall, the polar bear exhibition hall.
When united from the front gate, it is necessary to walk in the climbing with the gentleness of about 100 meters to the display facilities.

【Necessary residence time】
It sees slowly and carefully and 3 hours are necessary.
When eating at the restaurant in the park and in the coffee shop in the park, it will had better see 3 and-a-half hours-4 hours beforehand.

【Dining facility in the park】
There is restaurant "the mumble terrace" in the east gate. There are some coffeeshops in in the park.
There is a dining room to enter a front gate and for a Asahikawa Chinese noodle and so on to be eaten in the left side at once.

【What it should confirm after joining】
If joining from the gate, let's well see the signboard which is called "the news from the zoo".
The time of the feeding by the animal in each of the facilities and so on are included.
Let's write the time of the feeding by the animal in the handbill which was gotten when joining. Let'smake out a schedule of the inspection.

【Ban matters】
Because the animal has hurt eyes, the taking a flash photo is a ban about indoors and outdoors.
When installing skid metal fittings in the shoes in the winter, remove skid metal fittings with the spike from the shoes at the rookery exhibition hall and the penguin exhibition hall.
There is a place on the glass surface in the floor.

【Public transportation means to Asahiyama-zoo】
1. Theshuttle bus
(1) From JR Asahikawastation
It crosses an intersection in the right in JR Asahikawa station, and it gets on "the Asahiyama-zoo going" of the Asahikawa Denki Kido bus from "the Asahiyama-zoo Asahikawa AP's leading bus stop" in front of "the Asahi beer" and it is about 40 minutes.
Because the getting person is many railways, a special bus is issued additional.It isn't sometimes possible to sit on the seat, too.It stands in line from about 20 shares of the departure time and it is a recommendation.
The fee is 400 yen of one way adults (February, 2007).
That the person who goes from Sapporo and New Chitose AP uses "the Asahiyama-zoo ticket" of the Hokkaido Railway is bargain.The embussment ticket of the round-trip, the junction ticket in Asahiyama-zoo make one set to the JR railroad ticket, the limited express nonreserved seat ticket of the round-trip.
Hokkaido Railway Asahiyama-zoo ticket

The "the Asahikawa winter festival" hosting time in February, the free shuttle bus which links village → JR Asahikawa station of amusement park snow in the JR Asahikawa station → Asahikawa winter festival morning sun bridge riverside venue → Asahiyama-zoo → Asahikawa winter is operated.
Asahikawa winter festival

(2) From AsahikawaAP
A direct bus to Asahiyama-zoo is operated. By Asahikawa Denki Kido bus, 35 minutes of required time, the fee are 500 yenof one way adults (February, 2007).
There is a coin-operated locker in in the park.

【Equipment with Hokkaidou in the winter】
(1) Thedress
The glove, the headdress of floss silk are indispensable.
The regulation of body temperature be easy to do because it is cold outside but the heating is often working as much as the hotness in the building.
The jacket is warm one and in, the dressing lightly is a principle.
The hand cream, the lip cream, too, let's get ready to prevent from a chap.
(2) The skid metalfittings of the shoes
Because it is easy for the frozen floor to slide, the back of the shoes let's wear unevenness "NAMONO".
"The skid metal fittings of the shoes" where to install in the shoes easily is made is sold at the store in the convenience store and at the JR station and so on.
"The cleat of the shoes" where to install in the shoes easily in the road is made is sold by the convenience store and the kiosk and so on.

Location  Hokkaidou Asahikawa City Higashiasahikawa Cho Kuranuma
Institution  The zoo
Traffic  If going from the front of JR Asahikawa station, it is about 40 minutes with the shuttle bus.
Parking  Being
Reference  The asahikawa city asahiyama zoo