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 The event, "the Asahikawa winter festival" which is hosted in the winter in Asahikawa City are hosted the time which is the same as "the Sapporo snow festival".It is a festival in the maximum winter in the North Hokkaido district.It is not the scale which is the same as "the Sapporo snow festival".However, the number of the statues of snow, too, increases every year and the size, too, becomes huge.It is possible to enjoy winter play such as the statue of snow, the sightseeing sleigh, the mini train, the snow banana, the snorer footing of the snowmobile.

The venue is a morning sun bridge riverside and a Tokiwa park venue in about 20-30 minutes on foot from JR Asahikawa station.
At the shopping park, a national ice sculpture exhibition is hosted at the same time.

Because there is not a parking lot, it goes on foot from JR Asahikawa station or it leads to the venue with the free shuttle bus.
Because a national ice sculpture exhibition is hosted at the shopping park in front of JR Asahikawa station, the being of it of saying that the first half goes with the free shuttle bus and that the homeward journey returns while seeing a national ice sculpture exhibition on foot is done a recommendation.
The free shuttle bus goes to Asahiyama-zoo, too.

【Time zone of the recommendation】
The day draws in and the recommendation is.
At Tokiwa park, "Asahikawa snow Festival" is done and the building which was made with snow and ice is lit up.
Also, because "the ice sculpture" which was compared with "the town light illuminations" is very beautiful in "the green way in the snow light", at the shopping park at the shopping park from Tokiwa venue, night absolutely is a recommendation.

【Equipment with Hokkaidou in the winter】
(1) Thedress
The glove, the headdress of floss silk are indispensable.
The regulation of body temperature be easy to do because it is cold outside but the heating is often working as much as the hotness in the building.
The jacket is warm one and in, the dressing lightly is a principle.
The hand cream, the lip cream, too, let's get ready to prevent from a chap.
(2) The cleat of theshoes
Because it is easy for the frozen floor to slide, let's wear one with the strong grip power that there is a jaggy in the back of the shoes.
"The cleat of the shoes" where to install in the shoes easily in the road is made is sold by the convenience store and the kiosk and so on.

Location  Hokkaidou Asahikawa City
Institution  The statue of snow, the event venue
Traffic  If going from the front of JR Asahikawa station, there are 20-25 minutes, a free shuttle bus on foot.
Parking  It is not.
Reference  The Asahikawa winter festival