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 The Asahikawa Chinese noodle is making handle soup with soy sauce, fish, shellfish and pork bone in the soup stock.Because it covers a soup surface with the lard, it is the mechanism for which it is difficult to cool.It is the device which seems to be the place of the polar cold season.The vegetable Chinese noodle which was included in much of the vegetables is a recommendation.The Asahikawa Chinese noodle speciality store which is in the place which is the nearest from JR Asahikawa station "is Peacock" who is in the 1st floor buildings next to Fujita Tourist Enterprises Washington Hotel Asahikawa.There is "the Asahikawa Chinese noodle village" in Asahikawa City.It is in "the Asahikawa Chinese noodle village" that it gathered a lot of shops of the Asahikawa Chinese noodle.

Location  Hokkaidou Asahikawa City
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Reference  The Asahikawa office of tourism