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 It is the mountain of the Tahsueh Shan type highest peak with 2290-meter altitude.The ropeway is moving to the 1600-meter spot.When mountaineering, the full-scale equipment for the mountaineering is necessary.There is an about 1-hour taking a walk course the starting point of which is the ropeway top.When walking at this taking a walk course, it is OK at the shoes to walk and in the dress it is easy walk.In the early summer, it becomes Hanabatake where the alpine plant blooms.The day when it snowed, the promenade is being sometimes muddy but is renting boots at the ropeway top station the day of the after the rain and.

Location  Hokkaidou Higashikawa-cho
Institution  There are a restroom and a store in the ropeway foot of a mountain station and the top station.
Traffic  If going from Asahikawa City, it is about 40 kilometers.
Parking  It is in front of the ropeway foot of a mountain station (The charged). The right in the parking area withcharge entrance eve in front of the ropeway foot of a mountain station becomes a free parking
Reference  The Asahidake ropeway