Asakusa kaminarimon, Tokyo

Asakusa where Edo flavor is left in Tokyo is always full of tourists.

asakusa kaminarimon

Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Todai-ji Temple is registered with world's cultural heritage.

Todai-ji temple

Nara park UKIMIDO, Nara

A cherry tree reflected in the pond is very beautiful.

Kofuku-ji Temple, Nara

The Buddhist image sculpture stored up has the value of seeing.

Kofuku-ji temple
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Akihabara as OTAKU Moe Town

9 月 18th, 2008 by mastor | 0

Akihabara is called Akiba. An electric appliance store accumulates Akihabara, and I have good quality, and a high-performance Japanese electric appliance or personal computer are sold.

It is full of many people anytime. It is sold with a special price cheaply on Sunday on Saturday on a holiday.

Not the shop which faced the big street, let’s go to the shop which faced the alley. Because the article which may be cheap is sold, it is recommended I take time, and to look for. Because I compete for the inexpensiveness of the selling price between stores, let’s look for it slowly and carefully.

Akihabara is a town of not only the electric appliance but also the Japanese pop culture. A character model and the DVD of the cartoon film, comics are sold. The animated cartoon fan is called “otaku” in Japan. “The otaku” has para-love feelings towards the woman character of the cartoon film. I call this “moe : 萌え”.

It is a cake for souvenirs sold in Akihabara.

In Akihabara, cooking of Turkey called Doner Kebab is famous. A manager is an Ottoman.

Various things are sold to Akihabara. This is a vending machine of the Japanese-style dish “oden”.
I walk around Akihabara by all means, and please look for an interesting thing.

This painted the woman character of the cartoon film a car. I am called “itasya : 痛車” in Japan. This is a Japanese pop culture, too.

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