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Houtou Shinto shrine

6 月 8th, 2008 by mastor | 0

There is a famous Shinto shrine in county town of Saga among public lottery fans.
It is “Houtou Shinto shrine”.
There is it in the island called “Takashima” who can go with a municipal ferryboat from Karatsu in 10 minutes.

The people who prayed at here get the large election of the public lottery in sequence!

It is not three times and four times.
It is dozens of times!

I show below the reason.
  • I thought that I must do something from an island to go ahead through, the slump of the marine products industry of the depopulation.Several people of the islander made use of the name of “the Houtou Shinto shrine” and thought to plan activation.
  • An elected candidate appears to public lottery 1 from the relative of a person engaged in production of the “Houtou bag” (a thing I put a public lottery, and to keep) developed as treasure expectation goods.
  • A public lottery elected candidate appears to the Grandmother who sewed a bag.
  • And I pray Houtou Shinto shrine, and public lottery large amount elected candidates appear one after another from the people who put Houtou goods close.

  • To Takashima where there is “houtou Shinto shrine”, I cross it with a municipal management ferryboat from “the houtou pier” which there is near Karatsu-jo Castle of Karatsu-shi.
    When it goes by a train, I go down JRchikuhi line / Karatsu Station, and it is foot about 15 minutes.
    When I go by car, I use a parking lot in the municipal management Castle adjacent to Karatsu-jo Castle.

    It is a municipal ferryboat anchoring in “the houtou pier”. The municipal ferryboat is 10 minutes in six flights, the time required on 1st.
    As for private sea taxi, several ships wait for 24 hours. Because I use the pleasure boat, I arrive in five minutes.

    It is the right side of Takashima Port. It is quiet scenery. There are usually few people, but it is a famous island nationwide now.

    About 400 population of Takashima. It is a small island, but there are both the elementary school and the junior high school. The car does not run in the island. There is a fire engine precisely. A light car of the small pump deployment.

    The island that is distance as I have one round on foot in an island (about 3 kilometers circumference) does not need the car. Because a ferry carrying a car on board does not run, I cannot go over to the Karatsu side.

    There is “houtou-no-yakata” when I walk Pier Takashima in the right side. It is written as “houtou” in one on the building. To this letter board, light of the sun seems to be about 9:12 a.m.

    Here is selling “a houtou bag”. It is a symbol of the revival of the island.

    It is store’s interior of “houtou-no-yakata”. A lot of houtou goods is sold. houtou goods with the public lottery are sold.
    When there is it in a shop, there seems to be divine favor just to be here; let mind it.
    I am blinded by the diversity of an article stained with pink and gold.

    When I pass the left side of “houtou-no-yakata” and turn at the left corner immediately, I appear on the approach to a shrine. houtou goods are sold at the street vender.

    Most of inhabitants of Takashima seem to be engaged in such a dealership now.

    It is “houtou Shinto shrine”. There are a lot of people who came by a group tour. It is a small Shinto shrine, but is full of heat. In the shrine office, a lot of bills are popular.

    The houtou Shinto shrine was made 400 years ago by an islander. A person called Tsunakichi who contributed to the development of the island is worshiped.

    I take off shoes and get nervous inside to pray.

    On the altar, several pieces copies of the public lottery which I won are put.

    The letter of thanks is put.

  • Address: Karatsu-shi, Saga Takashima
  • Traffic:

    1. Fukuoka Airport →( Fukuoka municipal subway / JR Karatsu Line )→ JR Karatsu Station About 1 hour 48 minutes

    2. JR Karatsu Station →( foot )→ treasure pier Foot around 15 minutes

    3.houtou pier →( municipal management ferryboat )→ Pier Takashima About 10 minutes
  • Map Links: “Houtou Shinto shrine” on Google maps
  • Official Web Site: Houtou Shinto shrine

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